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Fringe-yeay Denim Shorts

The pants tell your need of laid back style and a bit mid-week of escaping from your reality. Please, these shorts are so clever enough to bluntly say 'newsflash' of your haters. Let them feel that you are so special without their second opinion in lecturing about the so-so style. Whenever you walk in these shorts, the fringe-tassles are following you all around. FABULOUS, RIGHT?
Made of denim with distressed here-and-there yet neon colourful fringe-tassles.
Zipper's on the front.
Double pockets.
Semi-structured type.
Available In One Size Only
Measurements (Flat Measure) :

Waist (cm) 31 34.5
Rise (cm) 26.5 26
Length (cm) 27.5 27.5


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