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Dreandi Romper In Mud Green

To be or not to be a centre of attention will be always your choice to get ahead. In proving your-very-own-self towards nowadays style, you can purely deliver what's best of your through our romper. Dazzling your days with this stitched-to-be-one piece 'prentending' inner white tank top with off shoulder's cutting, the extra 'longer' legs can be shown indefinitely. The cinched-rubber stretchable upper waist with long sleeves make it modest but up-to-date in shorts display.
Made of cotton-semi-twiscont and belt coming in one package.
Structured type with banded-rubber sleeves.
Available in olive and terracotta.
Available In One Size Only

Measurements (Flat Measure) :
SIZE One Size only
PTP (cm) 44
Waist (cm) 34
Rise cm) 31.5
Length (cm) 71


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