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Desinue Earrings

You are the dazzling creature and everybody would stare you; like--What's the latest things which you have put on your ears. It's unique because you can wear each of these on your auricle's wings of ears or just wear one by one on your usual ear holes. The design is edgy with two drops of chain and same amount of zircons as pendulum. Wear each of it with your favourite biker chic jacket to make them more reliable to be called as the one of a kind earrings that you ever have. If your personality is more to an easy going, feminine one; less hesitate in pairing these ones with your most-likely-go-grab-and-go cropped top, blouse, or separate(s) till whatever neutral shades of dress that you have in mind!
Measurements (Flat Measure):
Length (cm) 3.7


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